Common Problems

 As your trusted Palm City, FL pediatric dentist, it’s our goal to make kids feel comfortable when coming to the dentist. We pride ourselves on our comforting and family-friendly office environment because it’s important for a child to have a positive view on going to the dentist. By visiting your Palm City, FL children’s dentist regularly, we can help set them on the path toward a healthy, lifelong smile. We’re equipped with a number of high-quality dental services in the field of children’s dentistry that allow our kids’ dentists to treat many of these common pediatric oral and dental problems.

Tooth Decay


Tooth decay, frequently referred to as a cavity, is the breakdown of the structure of a tooth. Tooth decay forms through a process starting when carbohydrate-rich foods leave deposits on teeth. These deposits bond with the bacteria that reside in your mouth and form plaque. The combination of deposits and plaque will form acids that eat away at the tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. As your trusted Stuart, FL pediatric dentist, we’re able to treat cavities with a simple procedure known as a filling.

Sensitive Teeth

Teeth will contract and expand in reaction to changes in temperature, which is why hot and cold beverages can cause pain or discomfort to those with sensitive teeth. Over time, tooth enamel can wear down, gums can recede, and microscopic cracks can develop on teeth. Even breathing cold air can be painful for those with sensitive teeth.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Parents are often concerned about their children grinding their teeth during sleep (bruxism). Nighttime teeth grinding is common and no cause for concern. In fact, the majority of cases of pediatric bruxism do not require any treatment, but if excessive wear of the teeth (attrition) is occurring, then a mouth guard (or night guard) may be needed. However, this is rarely suggested, as children’s teeth are in transition and the night guard will not fit for long. Our pediatric dentists will evaluate your child’s bruxism and if there is any cause for concern, we will inform you.

The good news is most children outgrow bruxism. The grinding lessens between the ages of 6 and 9 and children tend to stop grinding between ages 9 and 12.

Bad Breath

When food particles left in the mouth deteriorate, this is what causes bad breath. While foods like garlic or onions may temporarily create bad breath, consistent bad breath may be a sign of gum disease or other dental problem.

Canker Sores

Canker sores, also known as aphthous ulcers, are small, recurring sores in the mouth. They have a white or gray base that’s surrounded by a red border. These will typically last about one to two weeks, but that time can be reduced with the usage of topical agents or antimicrobial mouthwashes.

Orthodontic Problems

A bite that doesn’t meet properly, also known as a malocclusion, is something that can be inherited or something that can be developed over time. Some of the most common causes of malocclusions are missing teeth, extra teeth, crowded teeth, misaligned jaws, facial trauma, or thumb sucking. Our pediatric dentists can help detect these issues and refer you and your child to an orthodontist.

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