Why are my Child’s Adult Teeth Coming in Yellow?

Why are my Child’s Adult Teeth Coming in Yellow?
Posted on 07/13/2021

At the Children’s Dentistry of Stuart, our doctors and dental staff provide comprehensive dental services and treatments to kids in Stuart, Florida, and the surrounding communities. We hope to give kids and parents the tools to build a great dental foundation. As children lose their baby teeth and grow permanent teeth, oral hygiene and a balanced diet are more important than ever. During this phase, many parents may be curious why their children’s adult teeth are coming in yellow and our children’s dentist wants to give you some answers!

Permanent Teeth are Darker than Baby Teeth

Although yellow teeth can be a sign of poor oral hygiene, it is not always something to worry about. Adult teeth have more dentin and are naturally darker than baby teeth. If your child has very translucent enamel, the dentin can be seen beneath and may appear slightly yellow. However, as your child loses all of their baby teeth and grows into their adult teeth, the color will become more uniform and will look less yellow. To confirm the yellowing is just normal tooth development, consult our kid’s dentistry in Stuart, FL at your child’s next teeth cleaning.

Reasons for Yellow Teeth

Permanent Teeth are Darker than Baby TeethIf your child’s teeth continue to stay yellow, there may be an underlying issue. The primary reasons for yellow teeth in children include the following:

  • Diet: Some foods and drinks can cause staining. If your child consumes a lot of berries, tomato sauce, fruit juices, and sports drinks, they may be staining their teeth. Your child can rinse with water after eating highly pigmented foods to avoid any stains.
  • Plaque Buildup: Poor oral hygiene can cause plaque buildup which yellows the teeth. Remember, all children should brush their teeth twice per day and floss once per day. You should assist your child with their oral hygiene depending on their age and ability.
  • Tooth or Mouth Injury: An injury to the mouth or tooth can damage the nerve in the tooth and cause discoloration or greying of the tooth. If this has occurred, call our kid’s dentistry in Stuart, FL as soon as possible.

Contact the Children’s Dentistry of Stuart to Schedule Your Next Visit!

If you are worried about your child’s teeth, schedule an appointment with our children’s dentist or contact our Stuart, FL office directly. We will be happy to evaluate their teeth and discuss any potential behavioral habits that may be causing their teeth to yellow. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon!