Maintaining Good Oral Health Over Summer Vacation

Maintaining Good Oral Health Over Summer Vacation
Posted on 07/19/2017
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While it can certainly be hectic, there are some aspects of the school year that make things easier for parents: having an established routine adds stability to life, and it can also make it easier to keep tabs on important habits like brushing and flossing. But when summer vacation rolls around, increased freedom can make it hard to know how your child's oral health is doing. At Children's Dentistry of Stuart, our mission is to help your child develop a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime, so here are a few tips for helping your child maintain oral health over summer.

Book a Checkup Appointment Early On

One advantage of summer is the freedom it presents from a scheduling perspective. Do yourself a favor and schedule a checkup appointment ahead of time for around a third of the way through the summer vacation. This will help tell you if things are going alright, and we can also give pointers for any aspect of oral hygiene that needs more attention.

Ritualize Oral Hygiene

Children love ritual, and that means that you can use ritual to help them love oral hygiene. Instead of sending the kids upstairs to brush teeth and get ready for bed, use it as an opportunity for some family time. Turn tooth brushing and flossing into a twice-daily event with you and your kids, and take the opportunity to teach them about the importance of good oral health. They'll appreciate the structure and predictability, and it's a great way to make sure they're keeping up on oral hygiene.

Look for Tooth-Friendly Treat Alternatives

Summer is candy season for most kids, but that can really do a number on teeth: all that sugar can corrode away enamel, eventually leading to a cavity. To prevent this, get creative on finding fun, tooth-friendly summer treats. You might try a fresh fruit salad, frozen banana soft serve, or even just indulging in some good old watermelon cut up fresh. It's amazing how much is out there besides just sugary candy!

Book Your Appointment with Your Stuart, FL Children's Dentist

It's all too easy to slip up on oral health during summer, but with some preparation and diligence, you can safeguard your child's teeth all through the season. In the meantime, reach out to us if you'd like to schedule a checkup for your child during the summer months. We look forward to hearing from you, and we wish you luck in helping your child maintain good oral health this summer!