Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits to Teach Your Kids

Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits to Teach Your Kids
Posted on 07/23/2018
toddlers brushing teeth 
At Children’s Dentistry of Stuart, it's our goal to make oral health exciting and give your child a healthy smile for years to come. Good dental health starts with healthy habits in all areas of life. With some simple tips and tricks, you can start instilling these habits in your children now and even make caring for their smiles fun. 

Make Time for Exercise

Make it a priority to get outdoors for a family walk or take a trip to the park to throw a ball or toss a frisbee. Not only are these activities fun, they’re also great exercise, and both children and adults will benefit from the fresh air and sunshine. Being active can be as simple and exciting as just heading outside with your children to play in the yard.

Cultivate Healthy Eating

Just as you take care of your body with regular exercise, what you put into your body is just as important. If you’re not already eating healthily, start incorporating small changes to your diet here and there. Choose a salad instead of a sandwich or a bowl of fruit where you would typically grab a bag of chips. Making small changes is more sustainable than trying to give up unhealthy foods entirely, and there are tons of ways to make healthy eating fun!

Cut Back on Caffeine

While we all love the energy boost that caffeine gives, it’s important to keep consumption of caffeinated beverages to a moderate amount. In this case, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Increased caffeine has been linked to a higher heart rate, and as the body gets used to caffeine, it starts to become dependent on the buzz, resulting in increased usage and a crash when you cut back. This is an unhealthy cycle. When you need energy, try simple things like choosing green tea over coffee, taking a vitamin B complex, and getting enough rest, sunshine, and exercise. 

Be the Example

Children imitate the behavior of their parents. When your children see you making healthy decisions in your own life, they are more likely to follow your example. Make decisions that you are proud of and that you want to see your kids to make. Let them see you drinking lots of water, reaching for veggies or nuts at snack time, and being active. Try to save the junk food or soda indulgences for naptime or after your kids are in bed. 

Visit Palm City Pediatric Dentistry Often

Even though you may do a great job brushing and flossing at home, regular dental visits for checkups, cleanings, and other treatments are vital to your oral health. It’s important that any signs of decay or cavities can be diagnosed early and properly treated before a tooth extraction is necessary. Schedule appointments at your children’s pediatric dental office, and be sure to keep up with your own visits. When you have an appointment, let your kids know you’ll be going to the dentist, and talk about your visit with them when you’re home.

Let Your Stuart, FL Children’s Dentist Help You!

Here at Children’s Dentistry of Stuart, we look forward to providing your child with excellent care and the most comfortable dental experience possible. We even offer sedation services to those who are fearful of visiting the dentist. It is our goal to help you, as a parent, set your child up for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. Call us at (772) 283-1230 or request an appointment today. We can’t wait to hear from you!