Common Problems

Children’s teeth are sensitive and can suffer from a number of different problems—and even more importantly, once their permanent teeth come in, those are the only set of teeth they will ever have. Neglecting or mistreating your child’s teeth will set them up for years of painful and expensive procedures just to keep their mouth working properly. Here at Children’s Dentistry of Stuart, your local pediatric dentistry, we believe that all children deserve a chance at a life of healthy and strong teeth, so we’ve put together a list of the most common problems and how to prevent them. Learn more about how to protect your child’s teeth at your childrens’ dentist in Jenson Beach, FL.

Tooth Decay


When your child eats sugar or carbohydrate rich food, there are always trace amounts of the food left on your child’s teeth. Bacteria in the mouth can bond with these sugars and carbs to form plaque, which in turn produces acid that decays the enamel and structure of the tooth. The best way to combat tooth decay is to help your child develop good brushing and flossing habits while reducing sugary food intake. If you child does get a cavity, you can bring them to a pediatric dentistry like Children’s Dentistry of Stuart for a filling.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can make it painful to eat cold foods, or even to breathe old air. Usually a result of poor oral hygiene, sensitive teeth occur when your gums recede to expose the nerve endings in the roots of your teeth. You can buy toothpaste for sensitive teeth but if the problem persists come down to your local children’s dentist in Jenson Beach, FL and we will take a look at your teeth for you.

Grinding Teeth

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding occurs in many children from the ages of six to twelve. Grinding your teeth while you sleep in most cases is not a cause for worry, but if there is excessive grinding, your pediatric dentist may prescribe a mouth guard until your child grows out of the habit.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria and plaque sitting on the teeth and producing the smell of decay or old food. The simple solution to bad breath is to improve your oral hygiene and to brush and floss twice a day. If the bad breath persists, you can use a mouthwash to help clean those hard-to-brush spots. Bad breath can turn people off and make it more difficult for your child to socialize, so make sure your child is brushing and flossing properly!

Orthodontic Problems

A pediatric dentist can often tell if there are going to be orthodontic issues later in your child’s life, just by looking at your child’s teeth. Malocclusions, crossbites, and teeth crowding can lead to tooth decay, jaw pain, and even speech impediments, so make sure your child visits their children’s dentist in Jeson Beach, FL to address these issues.

Contact Your Local Children’s Dentist In Jenson Beach FL

The best way to avoid the above issues is to schedule regular visits with your child’s pediatric dentist to monitor your child’s dental development and nip any developing issues in the bud. Here at Children’s Dentistry of Stuart we create a friendly and relaxing environment for the whole family so that everyone can enjoy their trip to the dentist. Contact us today to learn more about common issues or to schedule an appointment!